Why I love you

June 8, 2011
I love you because we are happily ever after “wives”
Because I can be a dork and it makes you laugh,
like when you let me dress you like a rainbow,
half-wit prostitute, with one white tube sock pulled up high, as you sported a scarf t-shirt.

Because you bit me after my gallbladder surgery, and
for every Bambi bite you have ever given.

Because I can be sarcastic and cranky without losing a friend.
Because you have never given me a reason to stop trusting you.
For always being honest,
and giving me feedback on what I am and who I am not.
Because you taught me more about friendship than life did about enemies.

Because you were crazy enough to journey outside with me on a cold,
negative 40 degree day,
because you still haven’t given up on our dream for frozen Hot Cocoa,
Even after we caught the squirrels drinking our two, green mugs full.

And for never having held a drunk moment against me,
You forgave me for what I did the night before graduation
even though it took three people to physically tackle me to the grey 2 a.m. pavement.

For always buying that gold Montezuma Tequila way back
And that you took care of me after I devoured 1/3 of that,
yet laughed when I fell down two basement steps.

Because you like chick flicks and Baby Mama.
Because you were here for me after he hurt me
And still love me even though you have been hurt.

Because you came to my Chuck E. Cheese Birthday party
and made me the Godmother of your little Buddy.
For all your hip movements to jolt me aside. playfully.

Because you make me feel less alone,
and you take me places I could never have gone before.
For being patient as I reattached two yellow skis’ onto my feet
attempt 253.

Because you offer a friendship that is precious and rare,
and insurance that my Bambi will always be near.

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