Journeys of Life

February 14, 2008
People wonder why we’re born into these times,
And what we’re supposed to accomplish in such short lives.
Are we born for a purpose, or our we just a waste,
Only made for solving problems the world must face?

If the end ever comes, will it bring us rest?
Or, are these struggles preparing us for a greater test?
We work hard all our lives, in the hope of peace,
Can’t we be granted that small reward at least?

The cycle never changes; we live and we die,
But what we do in between is what sets us aside.
If we strive to make the world a better spot,
Then we can consider our battle very well fought.

Our lives can never be perfect or even close,
But by living them to the fullest, we’re given the most.
Who knows what death brings; it is a great mystery.
We just have to be patient until we’re allowed to see.

So when this painful journey is finally done,
We can move onto the next stage, no matter who’s won.
And the next voyage will have much joy and ecstasy,
For we’ll be living in peace and bliss all eternity.

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