Fall into Destiny

February 14, 2008
More than the brightness of the sun
More than the softness of the breeze
More than the gentle falling of the leaves
All these things
They couldn’t mean more to me
Then you.
I’ve felt just like this once before
But only in a dream
I’m patiently waiting
To meet you once again
To begin the ascent
To fall into destiny.

Don’t throw my heart away
It’s already scarred
It’s already been broken
But I trust you with all of the pieces
Maybe you can fix it
But either way, it’s all for you
We can run away and pretend
It’s just us
No one else in the world
Only perfection.

When I’m close to you
I can barely move
And the best feeling in the world
Is hearing your heart beat as fast as mine
Please don’t let this go
I’ll hold on tighter than you could ever imagine
I’ll never leave your side
You’ll always be mine
And together
We’ll fall into destiny.

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