Remedies for the Broken

February 14, 2008
To all the broken I am calling,
To all the pain you received,
To those who have a fear of falling,
To those who are afraid to believe,

For those who have retreated,
For those who are scorned or hated,
For those who have been defeated,
For those who need to be recreated,

When you finally fall down,
When you can no longer feel,
When you eventually come around,
For you I have a deal,

Stand up and stay strong,
Dry the tears and move along,
Life gets complicated, but you see,
The way you handle it is the key,

If you hate who you are,
Change to who you want to be,
Can you accept the dare?
Then just listen to me,

Everyone has problems,
And everyone hides scars,
Everyone gets lonely,
They aren’t sure who they are,

Just take the first step and soon you will learn,
To be liked, you first have to like yourself,
Get out of the kitchen if you can’t handle the burn,
Success has nothing to do with the cards you're dealt,

Maybe you don’t need to break away,
Maybe you don’t need to belong,
Don’t try to impress your peers,
Just be yourself and forget your fears.

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