I Am

February 14, 2008
By Dairean Dowling, Cottonwood, AZ

i am the hurt your heart is trying to heal
i am the worry hovering in your mind
i am the voice in your ear telling you it could all end now
i am the pills in the bottle
i am the bullet in the gun
i am the sharp side of the razor
i am the monster inside screaming to be let out
i am the part of you that is ready to die
i am the voice begging to live
i am the friends that dont seem to care
i am the family that doesnt know
i am the boy that killed you from the inside out
i am the girl who was not ready
i am the woman that is nolonger innocent
i am the pills on your tounge
i am the finger on the trigger
i am the razor on your wrist
i am the one wispering to just do it
i am the one screaming to stop
i am the tears of fear pouring down your cheeks
i am the trembling that is overtaking your body .....
i am the mouth that spit out the pills
i am the hand that droped the gun
i am the fingers that let the razor go

i am the decision to LIVE....

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