The Azure Ocean

February 14, 2008
By Samantha Fitz-Gerald, Apache Junction, AZ

The azure ocean,
Cannot lie
My heart can beat,
But I still die.
A withered blosom's
Beauty prized
Yet every year
Before my eyes,
It's pettles brown,
No comprimize.

The most treasured,
I hear tell,
A life of love,
Without it, Hell.
Yet here I stay,
My days are fine.
The warmth of family
Most sublime.

Though through this haze
Hard to ignore
These pestilent feelings
I have born.
And I can say
From my first hand,
What price you pay,
To feel this way.

"Tis better to have loved,
Then naught"
Is what they say,
They have forgot,
What endless pain,
And sometimes guilt.
The blood that my,
Poor soul has spilt.

Seeping wounds,
Sometimes exchange,
The love that's lost,
The knowledge gained.
I have learned
From my mistakes,
My heart will now
No longer ache.

But even now,
As I ponder still,
What life awaits
I can't conceal.
My longing for
That tender care
That someone special
Out there somewhere.

And we will meet,
Someday it's true
I'll place my fate
In someone new
I only pray,
He will not stray
My loving heart,
He will hold sway.

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