June 7, 2011
By kaileh BRONZE, Renton, Washington
kaileh BRONZE, Renton, Washington
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To Samson, my dearest pet,
A labradoodle, you cost more than the vet.
I don’t mind, though, you’re my marshmallow.
But, your hatred for me leaves me hollow.
I love to play with you, and throw you sticks,
But you just sleep; you don’t even do tricks.
I know it hurts when I comb your hair,
But I just want to help. It’s only fair.
I have to clip your nails, please don’t be mad.
When you growl, I feel rather sad.
When you beg for food, I want to share.
But chocolate is harmful, and for you I care.
What can I do to make you happy? Another treat?
I do like it when you sleep at my feet.
I love how you greet the passersby,
With a loud bark (though I’m not sure why)
Your scraggly fur is something I adore.
If it’s naturally tangled, what do I brush it for?
I hope that you truly love me as I love you.
Not to overbear, but I hope it’s true.

The author's comments:
I like my dog.

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