The Awesome Odin

June 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Oh, Odin you are the man!
You are the jokes that make me laugh.
You remind me of the Energizer Bunny that never stops.
Odin, you are the man!

The things you do amaze me and make me jealous.
Outgoing, crazy, and hilarious and an understatement that describe you.
Like Washington weather, you are always unpredictable.
Odin, you are the man!

You do what you want when you want.
You let people think what they want and you don’t care.
Odin, you lighten the mood like the sun lightens the day.
Odin, you are the man!

“If you’re scared, go to church!”
That was you favorite saying during soccer season.
You brought a lot of laughs to soccer practice, and lightened the mood.
Odin, you are the man!

Founder of the Average O’s, we fought hard.
You were dodge ball captain and MVP!
Come back and visit sometime soon.
Odin, you are the man!

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