Life LIfe Good

June 7, 2011
How can something so small,
Appear to be so large in stature?
How can something so worthless,
Be worth so much more?

How can God create the world?
Each and every person,
Living things of joy,
And still have time to make tides come to the shore?

All that I've believed in is a dream
A vision that I hope one day comes true.
When people will know my name for great reasons,
And will respect the days and seasons,
That God has given you.

Places that I've only seen in dreams.
Shining arches, winged horses,
Gleaming homes of gold.
But how can you want that now,
If you haven't seen what heaven has to hold?

Take my hand and come with me,
Through each story our eyes didn't see.
From Goliath and David,
And parts of unseen history.
What happened to the Sphinx' nose?
To whose order did the Jews impose?
Why did the Romanov's have to die?
What color is planet Neptune's sky?

If you see and understand why God did things for reasons,
Whether it's how long the day, how cold the night,
The changing of the seasons?
Just note this and live life right,
Each day no regrets.
Because you don't know how long you'll live,
So give each day a smile.
And pray to the Lord that He might
Try to let you live awhile.

Dedicated to Rob Taylor

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