June 7, 2011
Addictive and Amazing
Beautiful and Brave
Charming and Compassionate
Daring and Dangerous
Exotic and Exciting
Flirty and Fierce
Great and Generous
Helpful and Honest
Independent and Interesting
Jealous and Joking
Kissable and Kind
Lustful and Loving
Miserable and Misunderstood
Negative and Needy
Opposite and Opposed
Pretty and Patient
Quirky and Quick
Restless and Remarkable
Strong and Sassy
Trusting and Trustworthy
Understanding and Unpredictable
Violent and Vigorous
Worried and Wonderful
Xenophobic and XX
Young and Yearning
Zippy and Zany
26 little letters
That can make up a million words and more
Though these are the few
You chose to

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