February 14, 2008
By Stephen Nolan SILVER, Ft. Riley, Kansas
Stephen Nolan SILVER, Ft. Riley, Kansas
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My infamous gates proclaim a lie,
I’ve watched men suffer, I’ve watched them die.

My showers are fake,
And my ovens only bake,
The innocents.

I now stand vacant,
My doors open wide.

People can now come and go as they please,
Mocking the millions I’ve seen.

I still stand, a monument to hate,
I am ready to work, and open my gates,
For a new wave to enter,
For more torment and fear.

I am the essence of evil,
Hell on earth.

But do not blame me,
For I am as I was created to be.

I drainer of hope,
Destroyer of love,
I who am fear.

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