I Am From...

June 7, 2011
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I am from teddy bear wallpaper to big colorful Justin Bieber posters covering my pink bedroom walls.
from playing tag and hide-n-go seek in my front yard with my next door neighbors.
i am from spending most of my time hanging out with my sometimes crazy but amazing friends.
I am from playing soccer as a little girl to getting older and playing high school volleyball and running for the track team.
from listening to Justin Bieber music to listening to all different types of music.
i am from being very quiet in class to being extremely loud outside of school.
from a big family that spends almost all holidays together.
I am from pots and pans bursting in to flames when you pour water in to a hot oily pan with hotdogs in it.
From fighting with my sisters all the time to having the most amazing memories with both of them.
i am from cold brown wooden floors to soft cuddly carpets covering my house floors.
from a big blue zebra printed bed covers to pink and green curtains.
i am from loving to draw to loving to play my guitar, even if im not the best.
i am from wearing flip-flops in the summer to wearing Uggs in the winter.
from eating homecooked meals every afternoon.
from living in a small neighboorhood.
i am from watching Hannah Montana to watching The last song and Dear john.
from straightening my hair every morning.
from waking up every morning at six to sleeping in late every weekend.
i am from portillo and Baires.

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