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June 7, 2011
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I am from my grandparents house on summer nights.
From hating my sister to not being able to wait for her to come home.
I am from hours of video games with my cousin and his friend, and not being accepted by girls in my grade.
From fairs on hot summer nights with family.
From playing with makeup in the mirror, envisioning what I would look like in the future.
I am from a quiet street with many children to a street sucked from all life after the hours of four.
From watching Sponge bob in the living room and staying up until ten at night loathing the work my teachers gave me.
From cold winters, playing in the snow, to hating going outside in fear of loosing warmth.
I am from hating reading to having a book on hand at all times.
From having loving parents to having parents who love to be away from each other.
from having two sets of grandparents to having only one in a year.
I am from a family of Catholics, yet I do not know what I believe.
From not wanting to know anyone, to knowing many different types of people.
From hating going to school, to hating missing it because of all the work.
I am from a house with many animals.
From a close family that always argues.
From a back yard filled with memories of activity and friends.
From a small house that i thought was big to seeing others large homes.
From not being able to open my first locker.
I am from seeing older kids as 'cool', then seeing them as only classmates.
from heart ache and heart break.
From new beginnings and new views on life.
From seeing my relatives grow up and graduate and being left behind as the little one.
I am from a dysfunctional family that still manages to pull itself together.
I am from a small world with me in the center and many others scrambling around trying to be their worlds canters.

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