It Doesn't Understand

February 14, 2008
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

Can’t wait
Until break
No more school
Which I can’t take

The stress is piled
Too high, to the sky
Need to rest
Need to fly

Going to Vermont
For a week
But have so much work
Help I seek

Three research papers,
A hundred pages to read,
Seven hours of research,
And a lab report indeed

Too much
Not enough time
Why does school
Make it a crime?

A crime if not done
A crime, I sigh
Why is spending time with family
A crime so high?

Is it wrong to spend time
With our loved ones?
Why does school
Give works of tons?

School doesn’t understand
The meaning of life
It shouldn’t be only work,
Only school, only strife

Life should be filled with:
Happiness, joy, and bliss
Not discontentment
Not this

School just doesn’t understand
The amount of time and minutes
It takes away from our life,
Our family, and our repute

School just doesn’t understand
It just doesn’t understand

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