Love, Guardian, Equality

February 14, 2008
By Giovanni Contreras, Corning, NY

I must begin with a simple request,
Something which I have been trying to protest,
I am a man of honor and mind,
Not a man of lustful bigotry, so very unkind.

I’ve never held the thought,
That a woman is less than a man,
For a man’s mind can be bought,
No matter how well laid his plan.

A woman’s heart and mind,
Well surpasses the abilities of mine,
The loving care and peace so kind,
They let us believe we are the head while we dine.

A woman is true beauty and grace,
Which is why I hold in my heart my father’s words,
To always protect a woman from all harm’s trace,
Guard her as a precious bird.

No matter the place it is always true,
A woman’s worth in life is so much more,
Than any man, white black or blue,
For within them they hold a future we cannot ignore.

So please think not that I believe,
You to be weaker in any way than I,
But that I would never leave,
Instead I’d Lay my life down for your safety… I would gladly die.

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