This is For...

February 14, 2008
By Tyler Skinner, Federal Way, WA

this is for everyone who has been beaten down without a reason. this is for everyone who has been killed for the help and good they caused. this is for the girls and boys who have put themselves out there and had their souls ripped out. this is for you. this is for me. this is for everyone who can see what lies have been fed to us. this is for everyone who thought that they were better than us and called us misfits cause we arn't that popular. this is for everyone who i have hurt and taken advantage of in my life. this is for the beaten and the broken, for everyone who has lost someone close to you cause of a hairpin trigger or a plaugeing diease. this is for everyone who wanted to rise, but fell in the end. dont give up, the best things in life you have to fight for. this is for everyone that has been called "emo" or "gothic". this is for myself and for my loved ones who are not with us now. but that doesnt mean that they are forgotten.

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