Who Are You

February 14, 2008
im the kid that has everything on the outside but is ripped into a million little pieces in the core. im the kid that you doubted and pushed me down for years of my life. i am the one your parents tell not to hang out with. im the one who doesnt sleep at night because of arrogant f***ers that think they are the s***. im the one who you think has all the best things everyone should want. i am the secret writer, the secret fighter of everything that is "politically right". i am myself, i am you, i am everything around me. so i am broken. i am beaten. but i will not be down forever. i may be the one that has alot of doubt, but i am also the one who has an ounce of faith that i will rise up and conquer all that is sent towards my way. i am the one who will not be like his mother and be the meth user and the child abuser. i am the kid that will not let himself fall. and i tell you all of this is true..so now i ask..who the hell are you?!

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