February 13, 2008
By Joslyn (Jojo) Watson, Lakewood, CA

Can’t you see me dying
As I sit here in the dark?
Can’t you hear me crying
As I slowly fall apart?
When I sit alone in silence
In agony against the wall
Do my silent screams mean nothing to you?
Not a thing at all?
With time I started to believe
You’d decided to forget
On the other hand I sit and wait
Without the slightest of regrets
But then you sprang out from the shadows
And plunged a dagger through my heart
Messing up my state of mind
Tearing me apart
In a puddle of blood I sit and cry
Fantasizing ways to die
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Show me lovely, wistful lies
I thought you loved me
Thought you cared
Thought you’d worry
How I fared
After all the blood
That you still owe me
With death and doom
In hell below me
I sit out on the sandy shores
With feelings of despair ignored
Ashes to ashes
I fall down
You look upon me
Without a sound
The deafening silence
Pierces my soul
I’m blistered and broken
When I once was a whole
The venom sears through me
Paling my skin
All the scars and fears and hate and lies
Are safely locked within
Look at yourself
Don’t you realize what you’ve done?
Each bloody battle I have lost
The war is yours—you’ve won
So look deep within my teary eyes
And tell me what you see
Through the stained-glass windows of my soul
See what you’ve done to me
Nightmares haunt my sleep each night
Until I wake with morning light
Blood-curdling screams
Rip through the silence
And I wish in vain
To stop the violence
The gruesome struggles
Within my mind
As in vain
I try to find
A way to end
My sleepless days
A way to clear this pasty haze
Heart-wrenching tears
Crawl down my face
Breaking up
My weary pace
Empty promises on
Dusty shelves
Sitting here beside myself
Faith and love I won’t allow
Forever means nothing to me now

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