Absolute Friendship

June 5, 2011
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It is an absolute friendship we form with competition- one goal shared, wanted by many, seemingly daunting... then achievable it becomes as we work. With our minds set on success, we enter a competitive, unique, and imaginative work mode that forms a bond between all of us. Best friends. Working hard to complete the task before the time runs out, people might think- people who haven’t experienced the pressure- that cooperation is the key to success, when actually, another philosophy is more accurate.
Trust. The knowledge that your friends have your back, no matter what situation, the feeling that you can depend on them with anything, is one of the greatest gifts you can get from a bond like this.

But there is another thing more important than trust. The strong relationship that is formed over struggle and perseverance to get to the thing we all want, the true friendship. That is the most important thing, how we grow so much stronger as individuals and a team. Life-long friends. Achievement. Strength. Unquestionable companionship.

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