I was Enveloped

January 13, 2008
By Izzy Sanderson, Encino, CA

I was enveloped
Warmth radiated out of me
Out of them
Noise blared in the background
Hot tears poured out me
Out of them
They were unstoppable
Never ending
The speaking stopped
The silence started
Powerful silence
Louder than our voices
Louder than the music
Louder than we could possibly imagine
I spoke to fill the void
They spoke
More tears
Endless tears
Hot against my skin
Yet comforting
A reminder I was not alone
A reminder they felt the same
She spoke
More softly than any of us
Louder than thunder
The meaning wrapped around us
Pulling us closer
Tugging at my heart
I held fast to them
To save myself from drifting
From screaming and shuddering
My hair was wet
Bathed in the rain of my tears
The salt played at my lips
Daring me to swallow
I looked at them
I smiled
It was oddly not out of place
They smiled back
Painting the black with colors
Vivid colors that smeared across the surface
Dug deep into the layers
The song changed
Switching the mood unintentionally
She pressed on
Filling the room with unsound-ed gasps
I shivered
The room was hot and almost stifling
Yet I shivered and looked up at the ceiling
Words were lost on me
The right words were lost
The wrong ones
The cliche ones came to the surface
She stopped
An abrupt ending to the saga
We stared and smiled
Through the tears
It was so rehearsed
Yet so raw it burned
There was nothing I could say
Nothing that would sound right
I spoke anyways
Unwilling to remain silent
It didn’t matter
It wouldn’t change
It won’t go away

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