Twas the Night Before

January 13, 2008
By april altieri, Coventry, RI

Twas the night before graduation
Cap and gown on the bed
Tomorrow was the day I would far from dread
Lying in my room thinking about tomorrow
Saying goodbye to my friends full of sorrow
A big step in my life, the start of something new
It was something all seniors have to do.
Thoughts running through my head
I shut the light to go to bed.
The morning came quite quickly
My nerves made me feel sickly
I met my friends for breakfast in town
Each one wore a depressing frown
I went home to get ready
And on my bed was my graduation teddy
I pulled over my gown
And quickly headed down…
To the salon to get my hair done
My curls weighed a ton!
I was ready for the day
With such excitement, I didn’t know what to say
On my way to my graduation destination,
I started to feel the perspiration.
Then car ride felt like forever
I scuffed my shoes of fine black leather
Things didn’t go great
I was already fifteen minutes late.
When we finally arrived
The rushing made me energy deprived
I ran to my seat
And tripped over people’s feet
Luckily I made it in time for speeches
The words as sweet as peaches
My name was called
When I heard the audiences applaud
Happiness hit me as I walked the stage
In the book of life I turned the next page.

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