May 31, 2011
By anna.pinja BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
anna.pinja BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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My name is Anna.
I am that girl,
You see walk by you
Silently in the hallway.
I am that girl,
That your friends
Tease for being a nerd.
I am that girl,
Who is another perfect
Face in the yearbook picture.

But you really
Don’t know me at all.

I am so much more than these
Things you see in me.
More than a name,
More than a nerd,
More than another pretty face.

If you knew me, you
Would soon see
I am a girl who loves
Animals and would
Never eat them.
I am a person who lists shopping
As her favorite sport.
I am a teenager who laughs
To show other that I am
Fine, even when I am far from it.

Deep inside, you would
Find me to be far from
The girl you think you know.

I understand I am not
Perfect, I accept my own
Flaws and faults. But
I would never want to be
Anyone else but me,
The perfectly, imperfect Anna.

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