January 13, 2008
This poem is to my father Gilbert.
whom I have abandoned and will
never return to.
Who’s desperate cries
I no longer have feelings for.
Those large arms
that I simply can’t embrace,
eyes sullen over.
Without a soul to care,
enthralled within chemicals.
High and dry is all you deserve.
When all has been given,
nothings left for me.
frail and empty
is now all that I have within me.
What could be done?
Once all that could repair
has been dismissed
for your life of constant
hit and miss.
absent in mind
Who is it that you have become?
Or have you succumbed.
Now and forever,
no longer a father.
As weak as a child
not able to fend for himself,
wild and ignorant.
Its now time for you to grow.
So I write this out of love, fear,
and sorrow, all I can think of is you,
my father Gilbert, who I have lost.

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