I Hate You

January 13, 2008
By Alex Ford, Walnut Creek, CA

I hate how you treat me

how you talk to me

how you yell at me

how you stare at me

I hate how you act

how you never do the right thing

how, when you do, it’s for the wrong reasons

how you are so concerned with appearances

I hate how you don’t get me

how you don’t understand my priorities

how you laugh when I’m hurting

how you push when I need to be held

I hate how you let me treat you

how you let me yell

how you let me take advantage

how you don’t stand up for yourself

I hate how I am powerless around you
I hate how I still cry when we get in a fight
I hate how I could never give up even though it would be easier
I hate how I try so hard to please you

I hate how much I love you.

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