It was love to save me

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

It's not visible to some ,
This person I've become ,
I'm not who I was ,
My past was just a simple buzz ,
Just off the rest of his liquor ,
And the memorie's only make me sicker ,
I wish I could erase those times ,
Those years should have been my primes !
You took them away from me ,
And yet that's one reality you can't see !!
You're too self absorbed !
You make my feelings feel IGNORED !
I thought you were supposed to love me ,
Not make me someone I don't want to be .
I've learned self control ,
And not to dig a deeper hole ,
I'm scared of breaking the law ,
Only because you pulled the last straw ,
Sadly for you , You lost a daughter ,
Sad for me I don't exactly have a father .
I'll never make your mistakes ,
I won't make my family have heart aches ,
I took what I could take ,
I look at all the more progress I can make ,
Just look at me now ,
I know how to smile , Sir I just forgot how .
I am beautiful , I am strong , I know what I'm going to do ,
I'm going to let go of you .
I have no apologies ,
It'll be so easy with all these different technologies ,
Soo goodbye to you ,
I know what to do ,
Babie take my hand ,
And lead me away from his land .

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