I will rest un-named

June 1, 2011
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I wish it would all just go away ,
These memories stay in my head night and day ,
I can't hide and I can't run ,
It blocks out all of life's fun ,
Why does this take up all my time ,
Why do I make these stupid poems rhyme ?
At the end it's done and it's just a bunch of words on a screen ,
And I'm still just an abnormal teen ..
Do they really care ?
Do they listen to the memories I share ?
I try hard to let go ,
My head says yes but my heart says no ..
I can't let this ruin my life ,
I've solved problems with a knife ,
It doesn't help ,
And still no one hears my silent yelp ..
It's from all this pain I've kept inside ,
My heart just can't decide ..
I wish it would let go of all that haunts my dreams ,
All the nights woken by quiet screams ,
Not from a human , But from my mind ,
To myself I must by kind ..
I can't do it alone ..
I can't stay isolated in my own little zone ,
I found you ,
And I know you hurt too ,
But take my hand , And I'll take yours ,
Together we can make through our personal wars ,
Hold me close ,
Until the memories are just a simple see-through ghost .
I can't do this alone ..
I can no longer stay isolated in my own little zone ..
Once I break free ,
You will be almost all I will be able to see ,
The reality of this world will settle in ,
And a new life can begin !

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