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June 1, 2011
By Sapphire.Sydney SILVER, Sackville, Other
Sapphire.Sydney SILVER, Sackville, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Take me as I am , Or watch as I walk away"
"You are unique , You are your own person , Never change who you are"

I can run, But no I can't hide ,
I now acknowledge the fact I've been pushed aside .
Life is full of surprises ,
You meet many people with lot's of disguizes ,
Some reveal who they really are ,
Others only let you observe from afar .
It was his love that I had been off to seek ,
My journey wouldn't stop until I reached the peak ,
The mountain was difficult to climb ,
I made it within long but reasonable time .
In the end I found what I set off for, The man to give the key to my heart .
I've given him the key now we shall never part ,
This man is sweet , Understanding , Kind , Heartfelt , Has an amazing smile and treats me right ,
The future is clear but still out of sight ,
I hope he'll always be a part of my life ,
Maybe some day he'll make me his wife .
I don't know what the future holds ,
And I won't know until it unfolds ,
Let's live in our moment now ,
I know we know how ,
Let's be together as one ,
Until our moment is done .

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