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June 1, 2011
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I stopped and looked in the mirror ,
Then everything started getting clearer .
Who do I see ?
Someone I don't want to be.
Who am I looking at ?
Dark make up , Earrings on my face , On my head is a black hat.
Who have I become ?
This transformation is only visable to some .
The genie's heard me rant ,
He told me three wishes he will grant ,
First wish- Show me, Who am I ?
I'm someone I won't deny .
Second wish- Show me , Where will I go ?
I will go with life's flow .
Third, final wish- Make me happy !
He looked at me rather funny ,
He said , "Look around"
The man in shining armour was right there to be found ,
"Keep your wish" The genie said to me ,
It's out there , Don't you see ?

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