cowboy woes

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

When night comes

He sleep sleeps under the stars

And rest next to a warm fire

When morning comes

So does breakfast

Some day old rabbit meat

And maybe a blue jays egg

He gathers water

From a near by stream

The water fresh and crystalline

He drinks his fill first

Then washes his clothes

Soon he must pack up

And move on to his job

When he gets back he lets his clothes dry

Then he puts on his hat

And newly washed pants

Gets on his horse

Then trots off from camp

Next thing he knows

He’s roping some cattle

Mud flying everywhere

But after sometime

They follow his lead

He moves them from pasture

To pasture

With the slightest

Of ease

Until one cattle comes up missing

He fences in the rest of the cattle

Then goes off searching

Him and his stead travel

In search

But nighttime grows near

The author's comments:
to go to college

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