Forever in Memory

January 13, 2008
By Tabatha Embry, Reynolds St, KY

Time has passed, but the memory's the same; the fire and smoke, screams of the living and injured, and the silence of the dead. Some say they choose to forget the past, but I will never forget what I saw on TV. The terrified faces of those who ran from the falling buildings, the pain stricken faces of the hurt, then the silence; as if time froze.

9/11 the date of friends birthdays, but also the anniversary of that tragic day. 'If only it never happened' that thought in my mind, but as I see pictures of that day reality strikes. That day of weakness became a day of strength. To the souls lost you won't be forgotten, but that day, September 11th 2001 will always be forever in the memory of me, the world, and our soldiers from USA.

Dedicated to those who lost their lives then and now also their families.

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