June 1, 2011
By , oshkosh, WI
Staying positive and staying strong
Sitting tight and holding on

I want to talk about Chicago
how I grew up there,
how I’m used to it all.
The noise is noticeable.
Don’t get me wrong.

The trash talks as it
sweeps the streets,
crackles through the wind,
trips over the kids outside,
playing double-dutch,
feet hitting the concrete in different directions .

Windy weather welcomes you
Trees stand tall
Leaves tend to fall
I listen for the sound.

I stay covered up,
warm and cozy,
snow falling hard
crystals in the air,
falling in my hair, melting.

Around the midnight moon
changing sizes soon
Fading into the clouds above, the
Street lights bright.

Twinkle, twinkle little stars
over the dark clouds.

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