Why I Love You

June 1, 2011
By , Oshkosh, WI
Because you help me in times when no one can help.

Because you let me borrow your black sleek phone, so I can call my “boyfriend” who you think every Hmong guy is. Or, sometimes I would get bored easily, so you let me text to tons of my friends.

Because you know I don’t have a job, so you lend me twenty or fifty dollars. You tell me I don’t have a job so I don’t have to pay you back but instead I said, “I’m going to pay you back and how I am going to do that is, after I graduate in college and become a wealthy pharmacist, I will buy you and grandma the house of your dreams.”

Because I can be myself and talk about anything like my friend Sy.

Because you always support me that I’ll do good in school and attend a good college.

Because you have my back when I am going to get in trouble, like the time I went to the movies with my cousin and sister-in-law because supposedly we didn’t tell directly where we were really going.

Because now you know how much my brother means a lot to me, even if he doesn’t know.

Because you believe in me when everyone has their backs turned against me, that I keep lying when I’m clearly telling the truth.

Because you think I’m going crazy when all of a sudden I start to laugh out of the blue.

Because you compliment me when I always compliment someone else saying, “OMG, they’re so pretty, I wish I was as pretty as them” And you tell me, “What are you talking about? You’re beautiful”

Because if I wanted to eat five, ten, or even fifteen different ice-creams, you tell me, “Go ahead, it’s just in the freezer”

Because you know I don’t have internet access at home, so you always check my Facebook for me when I call you.

Because you know how much I like it when you and grandma comes back to Oshkosh to visit, even if it means just for a bit.

Because you are my Aunt, that’s why I love you.


Your Niece

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