America Save the Blue

January 13, 2008
By quleen bijral, JAMMU, ZZ

America save the blue!
Relax and cherish the beauty.
Which off course is not costly!
Thales and Curie observed the nature.
They were the innocuous human creature.
Sir Isaac Newton, Edison and Shekhar.
These were the difference maker.
Dalton and Gay lussac.
These men definitely left their mark.
If we are living in affluence.
It is all their influence.
They were the messengers of god.
Why, then some say they are fraud.
Militant & terrorist are chips of same block
They use inventions and give us shock.
Militants are incorrigible men.
They are dragging us to dragon's den.
America use your wand.
Please save ours & yours motherland!

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