My Life

June 4, 2011
By Brittany_Lauren GOLD, Rochester, Kentucky
Brittany_Lauren GOLD, Rochester, Kentucky
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"Shake-N-Bake!" "It's not's doo doo baby!"

What do we call this sick charade?
This is my life
I'm not playing games.
Why do I love? Is there a time to hate?
All these questions I see,
But what is the right answer for me...
Yes I have loved,
But it adds up to nothing.
When he says he loves you
Only because he wants something.
Now see this storm?
I make it rain.
See the empty bottles
Of champagne.
See the fire I'm keeping it behind.
I don't tell anyone I just hide.
From these feelings driving me crazy.
I'm not delirious I'm fazing.
Now if you see these tears I cry,
Then maybe, just maybe
You could see the pain inside.

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