Hard Life

January 12, 2008
People have lived many years through hard times,
And all I can do is show it through these rhymes.
It may have been hard for the whole nation,
But they got through with the power of toleration.

Taxes were a big problem each family,
Especially since it was enforced by the monarchy.
Parliament was also a contribution,
And there’s the introduction.

Our world is not perfect,
It is actually imperfect.
Please do not misinterpret me,
This world does nothing to make me unhappy.

Life is based on biases and stereotypes,
And that is stuck to people of different types.
An example would be Jamestown,
And it was almost rundown.

It was the first permanent settlement,
And I hope you know what that meant.
I’m not sure of who lived in the town,
But I hope they didn’t walk around wearing a frown.

I also don’t know of their religions,
Or their reasons.
Maybe they were Protestants,
And maybe they made funny rants.

Although I do know that they had a government,
And I didn’t get that from the internet.
And those people who fixed up the messes,
Were known as the House of Burgesses.

I guess life was hard and always will be,
But we should always be happy.
Because the tunnel may be dark inside it,
But there will always be a light at the end of it.

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Nancy said...
Oct. 16, 2009 at 10:08 pm
I really like this poem. I had toreread it a few times to understand but once I did, it was really interesting.
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