January 12, 2008
All I've ever wanted was {
} indefinable?
And now that it is a palpable apparition,
Starring me down
All I can do is be submissive
Shivering in the corner
Watching out the window in fear {let me fly}
I want to feel (pain. . .less)
I want to taste (bitter. . .sweet)
. . . I need IT/
But it is not what I imagined,
Just like I knew it would be. {you never saw, did you?}
The wind tells me things
Things I need to hear and rushing
DOWN [the pit is creeping up from beneath me. . .gulps me whole]
Through my raw body.
It carries :shhhh: the whispers of your dying words
To me
| | |
Like a message in the strong fragility of a bottle
In the passing tide.
Let it be +be away+

God knows! Please
Look at me . . . with eyes closed. {rip me open and give me hope}
{sharp --breath-e- intake}me.
And teach me to do the
SAME. [not just another face]
Tell me more than how to
/spell IT, the..

Of the unspoken in the eyes :|
& the exposition of more
than the
of a

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Inkspired said...
Sept. 23, 2009 at 4:02 pm
This is slightly convoluted, and I don't think i really understand it, but it definitely is original and tugs at your heartstrings really well. I love the format!
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