I Am From..

June 7, 2011
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I am from my little dollhouse, outside on the grass,where nothing would stop my imagination, to this big, brutal world.
I am from baby preschool kids, who were worried about making it to the potty, to glamorous teenage girls, who just care about appearance.
From Barney and Sesame Street, to American Idol and Jersey Shore.
From hour- long play-dates, to endless nights and parties with my friends.
I am from Green Eggs and Ham, to the thrilling book, The Outsiders, as i was always wondering how the next chapter would end.
From messy finger painting activities at school for my mommy, to going to the bathroom to fix my hair, just for that special boy.
I am from the dumb age limit on life jackets on my daddy's boat, to completely outgrowing that absurd rule.
I am from racing my brother in my pink Barbie jeep, to almost months away from getting my license.
From going to bed strictly at 8:30 pm., to barley finishing my homework at the late, 11:00pm.
I am from visiting my grandpa at his nice house down the shore, to constantly visiting him in the nursing home and in the hospital.
I am me, myself, and only I.

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