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June 7, 2011
By BieberableLove13 BRONZE, South Plaifield, New Jersey
BieberableLove13 BRONZE, South Plaifield, New Jersey
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"There's gonna be times when people tell you you cant live your dreams. And this is what i tell them NEVER SAY NEVER!"-Justin Bieber

I am from barney and Teletubbies
From Barbies and playing dress up to having every accessory be perfect.
From where everyone was best friends and didn't care what people thought.
I am from a good family with good morals.
From Britney Spears posters to Justin Bieber posters.
From caring too much if i got in trouble.
I am from singing at 2 years old to still singing at 15 years old.
I am from having so many friends to just having a group of friends.
From sneakers and jeans to heels and skirts.
I am from pink to purple.
From seeing my family all the time to not seeing them at all.
I am from Gymboree and Children's Place to Victoria's Secret and Pacsun.
I am from nail polish to tips.
From Game boy Advance to Xbox 360.
I am from a world where everyone judges and everyone cares about what people think.
From feeling invisible to feeling like i fit in, in this world.
I have grown up from being a kid to being a young adult.

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