I Am From...

June 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from growing up on Cherry Street with all my old preschool friends to moving to Holly Park Drive not knowing anyone on the block.
From walking around the house in my Mom's clunky sparkly high heels.
From nightlights that scared away the monsters hiding in my closet.
From dashing down the drieway on my pink shiny bicycle feeling the breeze.
I am from rickety swing set that I pretended was my magical fortress.
From dressing up my baby born and carrying it around playing mommy.
I am from playing school in my basement with old school books and a chalkboard to being a freshman in high school.
From having all my birthday parties at McDonalds and Chuckie Cheese running around crazily with my friends.
From cheering on the sidelines at long and boring popwarner football games to a talented all-star cheerleader.
I am from being attached to my Mom's hip and examining every move she made to an independent teenager.
From loving school and doing homework on my free time to hating it with a passion.
I am from the forts I would make with my Grandma's old blankets and unsteady kitchen chairs.
From my closet being filled with limited too outfits to wearing brand names and spending a fortune on my clothes.
From looking at my sister as my role model and wanting to be like her some day.
From watching Dora and Blues Clues pretending I was there to watching mtv.
I am from my mom dressing me in little pink dresses and bows in my hair.
From a memorable childhood to a new beginning as a teenager.

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