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June 7, 2011
By xXalyssakellyXx BRONZE, South PLainfield, New Jersey
xXalyssakellyXx BRONZE, South PLainfield, New Jersey
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I am from long days in the autumn breeze turned warm./ I am from crimson red leaves turned light green./ From my birthday season turned of fall to the warming season of spring./ From jumping in leaves to picking yellow dandelions./ I am from a family that was filled with compassion./ I am from a mother and father who fell out of love./ From passion turned to hate red./ From hearts turned to tears./ I am from long lasting evening turned to awkward morning skies./ I am from loving the night so I could hide in the darkness./ From a hard life with different parents./ From scars left from my over active emotions./ I am from a world filled with vibrant color./ I am from a world gone dim through the years./ From my age of young times to my teenage years I am a fighter./ From my battle wounds and heart break to a strong individual./ I am from boys breaking my heart./ I am from high school drama./ From the preps to the skaters I have turned./ From the clean air to the sickening air filled with smoke./ I am from the strange friends./ I am from the friends with issues./ From a world of sports to a life of music and arts./ From a soccer ball and track field to a paint brush and razor./ I am myself and that is all I will ever be, even if i have changed for the worse to others.

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