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June 7, 2011
By julianabieber BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
julianabieber BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
a dog may be bigger then the fight but his fight could be bigger then the other dog.

I am from playing with Barbies and Bratz to cell phones and iPods./
A plastic doll can be easily replaced with something you can text and call with on the go./
From the first pink, size 3 ballet shoe to a blister making, hard, size 8 Pointe shoe./
Elastic bands across my foot are no longer needed when a ribbon wrapped around my ankle helps me balance on my feet./
I am from tiny bows in my hair to make me look like Pebbles from the Flintstones, to ozone hurting hairspray and animal tested makeup./ A bow is not enough to fit in now./
From not worrying what I looked like for other people and not being judged, to being a examined underneath a microscope./ Everything you do or what you look like you are judged now more than ever./
I am from thinking boys are disgusting to thinking they are charming guys that will treat me right and will love me./ I thought wrong./
From crying over a bruise I got when I fell down to crying over a broken heart that can’t be fixed with any Band-Aid./ Can protect myself from a scar on the outside but I can’t protect myself on the inside./
I am from my Mickey Mouse sheets to leopard print sheets. /Felling like I am sleeping in a jungle rather than a princess fairy land./
From my first steps I took when I was one in my kitchen, when chairs and the tables felt as if they were buildings, to towering over them./
I am from a purple dinosaur teaching me colors, how to spell, and sing nursery rhymes to eight Italian guidos teaching me how to curse and act in an inappropriate way./
From wearing something my grandmother made me, to using the money she gave me to buy my own clothes. /
From a couple Britney Spears posters on my wall to Justin Bieber posters covering my wall. Singing along to her songs in my room to screaming and losing my voice at Justin’s concert./
I am from loving the juicy taste of the sweet watermelon to loving only watermelon gum. /Watermelon to me now has no taste to me anymore./
From studying addition and subtraction to polynomials and the geometry formulas./ I used to have to remember my time tables, now I have to remember hundreds of formulas for geometry./
I am from sitting underneath a big cherry blossom tree for shade to it being cut down and my back yard a no shade area. /
From walking over a small bridge to get my kindergarten diploma, to walking down the aisle of my church to get my diploma to high school./
I am from learning my ABC’s to learning the lyrics of the newest and latest song./
From drinking disgusting milk to loving the taste of vitamin water./ Milk makes me sick but vitamin water quenches my thirst./
I am from brown hair to sun changingg blonde hair. /
From playing the everyday game of dollhouse to having fun and exciting sleepovers with my best friends./
I am from fighting with my annoying brother to him driving me to the mall and to my dance classes./
I am from wearing maroon and tan uniforms to wearing my own colorful style./ Nine years of wearing uniforms 180days of the year get boring and is distasteful./ Wearing my own style makes me feel like myself and I can express myself freely./
From the amazing children’s, website of club penguin to stalking and poking people on Face book./
I am from having my mother dress me in cute little outfits, to dressing myself in what I want to wear. Even when my mom sometimees doesn’t like my clothes ./
From sitting in the corner for a time out , to getting grounded. /Not being able to go out on the weekends and my parents taking my phone away./
From life being so free and easy to living in a dog-eat-dog world where you may struggle to survive.//

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