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June 7, 2011
By Jonathan Prins BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Jonathan Prins BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am From:
I am from a boy born in a big city full of lights and noise; i am now a boy in a quiet town named South Plainfield//
From a family with two caring parents and two cheerful sisters who enjoy having fun//
I am from a little room where you'll find me playing my gameboy. ia am now playing Wii with my siblings when it's too cold to play outside.//
From a family that began in Colon, Panama that came to America.//
From a little boy who was once afraid of his ownbasement to a boy who now sleeps in the basement.//
i am from a little boy whose favorite Tv show was Dora to a boy whose favorite show is Everybody Hates Chris..//
I am from a house where furniture is not used and deemed uneccesary.//
I am from a hyperactive child to a boy who enjoys sleeping.//
I am from a boy who lived in a 2 room studio to a boy who lives in a house wuith a lot of extra space.//
i am from a boy who was excited to get a dog to a boy who often forgets to take care of it.//
I am from a talkative boy to a boy who usually keeps to himself.//
I am from a boy who loved reading to a boy who despises reading.//
I am from a boy whose greatest gift was a Teddy Bear to a boy who doesn't care for presents.//
I am from Xiomara and Hildebrando.//
I am Jonathan

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