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June 7, 2011
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I am from a single mom who dedicates her life to her children
I am from five brothers and no sisters
I am from the greatest grandmother who shows me alot of love
I am from a little city in New Jersey
I am from bubble baths that that kept me clean
I am from the big couch show that kept me smiling
I am from livng the vida loca that song that made my hips sway
I am from a sweet potatoe pie and maccaronni salad that kept my tummy full
I am from 27 cousins that i love being aroud
i am from 2 uncles and 3 aunts that i love dearly
I am from disney channel which i watch everyday
I am from a ragedy ann doll, that i loved but no longer have
I am from neon pink which is my favorite color
I am from forever 21 which is my favorite plave to shop
I am from 4 bestfriends that mean the world to me
I am from math which i cant do very weall
I am from singing which i love to do
I am from cheerleading whcih i do pretty good
I am from sleep which i really love to do
I am from the lion king which i was named after
I am from Dr.Suess , that boos that made me laugh
I am from short parents which is the reason im 4'11
I am from brothers of diffrents races which is really cool
I am from the sprite soda that quinches my thirst
I am from bugerking which is my fav place to eat

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