I Am From...

June 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from the tiny dusty shoes in the attic that I wore when I was small.
I am from my grandma's white house where my favorite toys still lay.
From chalk and bubbles to softball and books.
From Future Stars pre-school to South Plainfield High School.
I am fro, South Plainfield.
The town where I used to be fearless.
From when all I knew was my mommy.
From thinking everyone had a warm heart to realizng the evil.
From my Wildwood vacations where I thought the beach was never ending.
From sandcastles and boardwalk games.
From swimming lessons to having pool parties in my back yard.
From my swimmies and floaties that always supported me.
The little girl under the blankets hiding from the thunder storms to taking a chair outside to watch them.
I am from Sunday trips to the farm.
When feeding the goats and watching chickens amussed me for hours.
From my mommy reading books to me every night to reading various chapter books.
And the stool that i once used to reach the sink and brush my teeth with the pink Barbie toothpaste.
I am from my poiintless tee ball games to playing Junior Varsity softball as a freshman.
I am from a mind that start3ed fresh every day with no responsibilities.
I am from the yellow sun dressed and Disney outfits.
From the boys who had cooties to wearing skirts and make up.
Watching from inside my big brother's footsteps to making my own, improved ones.

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