I Am From...

June 7, 2011
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I am from stuffed animals
From playing Fear Factor with my/ brothers
From fostering dogs
From swinging almost all the way/ around the swing set
I am from training wheels
From brothers seeing who could/ ride their bikes closest to me/ without crashing
From snow days at my house on the/ hill
I am from Rugrats and Dexters/ Labratory
From trips to North Carolina in/ the summer
From visits to Long Island and/ Pennsylvania
From CD players and radios
I am from peanut butter and fluff/ sandwiches
From flooded basements
From Ten Apples Up On Top!
From Lady and the Tramp and/ Anastasia
I am from my tomboy stage
From barbies with the hands/ chewed off by my dog
From a love of kid's video games/ to Army of Two
I am from reading books
From playing whatever instrument/ I want
From playing Zoids with one/ brother in secret so the other/ couldn't play
From four brothers and no sisters
From the old lady living upstairs/ bringing us chicken soup
I am from big Italian dinners on/ holidays
I am from things that aren't/ always what they seem

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