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June 7, 2011
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I am from a quiet neighborhood, playing in the yard./
I am from a white house with grey shutters./
I am from a little, pink room with the crib and rocking chair in the corner./
I am from a huge, loud family./
I am from my play house to my cell phone./
I am from my brothers' footsteps./
I am from a carefree childhood, no worries on my mind./
From having no problems, except what to to play with./
From lying in bed each night waiting for Mom to tuck me in./
I am from tiny, girly dresses to skinny jeans and tank tops./
I am from staying home all day to long hours spend in High School./
From being excited to go to school each and every day./
From setting up play dates with my friends that would soon not be there./
I am from not knowing the world that existed outside my back yard./
I am from not knowing how unfair and cruel life can be./
I am from being s cared of anone that spoke too loud./
Scared of falling off the swings./
Scared of getting yelled at by my parents./
I am from being daddy's little girl and mommy's princess./
I am from a little girl to a teenager./
I am from no problems at all to tons of drama./
I am from learning what life really is like./
I am from never caring what people thought to now trying not to care./
I am from caring too much.//

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