The Biggest Risk Of All

June 6, 2011
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The time has come, I must fix this problem while i am still young...
I Cannot not let you get this close to me, I am afraid I will just hurt you continually.
Give me your foot I'll gIve you a boost, back over the wall that you once climbed to get to me.
On this side over here you have no use, get out while you can I'll help you Break loose,
From the chains you our bound with, and even from the roots that have Grown deep within my soul that stems from mine to yours,
I will cut you free, as long as you Promise to Run . . . Run far away from this monstrosity Formerly know as Me.
I don't want your heart anymore, please take it back... the Responsibility is too heavy i just cant handle that.
This is the Dear John or Dear Jane of my time, filled with the heartache and pure pain of mine, i will continue to pour my agony upon the canvas to paint a masterpiece of a beautiful nightmare,
A Nightmare that we both share, As we are both here our tears will create the Ocean of our fears, That we will drown our Love in, Praying that this will be The End. . . Of the Pain that is slowly driving our spirits insane,
As we always find that way to reconnect it is almost as if WE run through Each others veins. . . And here i am Expecting you to believe me when i Say that Our Suffering was all in vain.
In the long run you and I both know, that through Roughly about two years pain is all you have to show,
I take %100 of the blame, it's all my fault Couldn't stay put but i dragged you along, Believed that i was right when You knew i was Wrong.
Throughout all the Lies that Ive told, had the audacity to look you in the eyes and boldly reply no and would deny every fact you would throw,
and i know that i knew every accusation was True. And YOU knew the truth all along.
And even with all the pain i have caused you, Any normal person would have been completely Through... But you Stay. sometimes i wish that you Would hate me.
I WISH YOU WOULD HATE ME. it would make me feel better.
Why didn't you Leave forever the moment you found out the truth????
Your reply....
I Will Always LOVE YOU.

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