The Beast

June 6, 2011

The beast within, caged in the dark
Bellows for natural freedom
Biting on the binding bars
Refusing to succumb

The beast is the hermit
The darkest cave, its home
Shut away from global eyes
Unable to freely roam

The beast cannot see, cannot hear
Cannot taste, cannot smell
The beast feels the pain and the love
Embedded in the flesh like shrapnel

The beast feels the joy
Feels the love
The beast feels the hurt
Forever requesting the dove

The beast is never the target
Only the victim
The beast is never the cause
Only the outcome

One blade thrust will kill
One bullet is deadly
But neither will cause pain
True pain is given orally

To hurt the beast, no weapon
Use the mouth
To cure the beast, no medicine
Use the truth

The beast is neither flora nor fauna
Nor is the beast mechanical in nature
Yet the beast lives on
Cause it pain, or give it the cure

What is the beast?
To answer is quite fleeting
The beast is inside the living
Slamming the bars, banging and beating.

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