My Own Memoirs of Madness (Two Poems)

January 12, 2008
By Kimberly Brown, Lawrenceville, GA

1. I wish that I could see me happy
Frolicking in your field of fancy
That somehow you would possibly
See my heart, your heart, that’s hearkening
Against these pages I entreat thee
That you take me most completely
See me and someday imprint me
Into none other minds but simply
Only yours my dear I’m weakening
Hold me close and never leave me
But I guess that you should firstly
Find me in this long life’s journey

2. I wish that you could possibly see me
Love me darling please I beg thee
For like you I’ve fallen completely
Into foolish, make believing,
Love with you to put it plainly
Yes I know this is demeaning
But whom else do I tell this-
Secret that I know would kill me
For you see now I am weary
I need love, unquestioned caring
Someone to be my friend, lover, family
Be my eclipse and understand me
For I’m about to cry, I’m breaking
Some one, someday come and find me
I still don’t know how I am living
Still without you standing near me

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