Set Me Free

May 29, 2011
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Part I - About Her

Your beauty is fine art
Your eyes shine into my soul
Burn a light onto my heart
Pierce the anguish I inhold

Blooming flower in God's garden
Marval at the gifts you are presented
He will not let your spirit darken
Or let your beauty be resented

You are more vivd, more passionate with everything you do
The faith, you always display it
You are more lovely, more honest with all that's in you
The love, you always portray it

You are delicate with the air you breathe
You are gentle with the ground beneath
The joy, you always glare it
The peace, you always share it

Part II - Fallen Petal

Concrete cracking and breaking
Your lovely beauty is fading
I'm left back here forsaken
When will you awaken?

You once set me free, but now you're out on your own
Don't run away from me, don't leave me here all alone
I don't wanna smother you, it's not what I had meant to do
I just want to care for you, please let me come back to you

Caress me, arrest me
Whatever you do, don't test me
How could you, why would you?
You don't know what you put me through

Water me with your presence before I wither and die
Before I break down to the ground, quiver, and cry
You're the one on whom I would always rely
I just don't understand why

Part III - The Undertaker

I wanted you to fly away with me
I wanted you to salvage me
But now I'm left to see
Nothing can set me free

The disease in which I carry
The home is what I bury
I just do it to myself
Ignorant of their help

This is not where I belong, This wheel I cannot steer
I've waited here so long, but nothing will appear
The train has arrived, destiny is here
With my pride, through pain and fear

The exit, I mistook
The pit is where I'll crawl
Tie an anchor to my foot
Let me sink, let me fall

Part IV - Hope

Who am I? I am me
With God's help I will see
My blind fear will no longer be
The fish in the desert back to the sea

Strength is abroad and peace is near
No need to look, I can clearly hear
I found a way to scare my fear
When I search, it will be here

Liberated from my desire
Freed from my hoplessness
Walking tall through the fire
Due to my faithfulness

Cast upon the stars and see
They smile back down at you and me
Hovering above silently
Their wonderous light sets you free

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